Demand Generation

Demand generation is technically creating a need or want for your products or services. DG is beyond a marketing jargon as it helps the organisation in reaching out to the newer markets, by promoting its new product & service offerings. It also creates the required buzz in the consumers. Demand generation is to build critical markets, prospect base and customer relationships for the long term. As a result, it helps the organisation to generate quality leads, track them throughout the sales funnel.

   Goal Alignment


As an open practice, we discuss with the clients in understanding the goals and aspirations of the company along with its offerings and target market. This compulsory process allows us to pin down our thoughts on the appropriate demand generation strategies.

   Inbound Marketing


Generate high-quality content (Blogs, Infographics, Videos, social media, ebooks, etc.. that will attract audiences and the market for your service or product offerings. At FunnelHub, we strictly believe in Inbound Marketing as the cost per lead is dramatically lower than most of the put outbound marketing techniques which are cost-intensive and less effective.

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   Content Strategy


We design and execute various content strategies be it Longform content like ebooks, white papers, research papers, Podcasts any exercise which  promotes you as the thought leader) or the  short form content like Blogs, articles, videos, infographics, etc.. Social media – An inevitable and  the best platform to promote the generated content and groom the target market with regular posting and engagement.

   Media Planning & Ads


As one of the original intent is to create the need and nurture the market, the hidden purpose is to generate leads through paid search (Search and Display), Paid social ( FB, banner ads, native ads, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, ect..). We plan for the appropriate channel, duration and execute optimised campaigns with the minimal budgets keeping the ROI as the significant factor. Maximum ROI with the minimum spending is the objective.

   Email Marketing


Email marketing is inarguably the best platform to be in touch with your existing customer base and also to reach out to newer audiences. Building Complex Forms, pages, email templates, drip campaigns everything goes into this old school( yet effective) demand and lead generation technique. Email marketing when done precisely with the right tool can yield surprising results in the form of leads.