Email Marketing

Why Is It Important?

People may not have an account in social media, but they will surely have an email account. This notion has led the marketers to include email marketing as a part of their inbound marketing strategy. According to an eMarketer study, the ROI of email marketing is around 122% . So, it is the best form of communication to connect with your existing customer and engage with your new customer. Email marketing helps in nurturing leads by sending them personalized emails and prompting them to consider buying your products.

How can we help you?

We build an email marketing strategy – right from determining the type of content that should go to the recipient at each stage of the sales funnel, to monitoring the performance of the email marketing campaign; to nurture and convert your leads into customers. Our services include:

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Drip Campaigns

An occasional email will not help in nurturing the leads. We, at FunnelHub, use drip method to send frequent emails to nurture the leads and guide through the marketing funnel. We also strategize and execute drip campaigns that focus on a certain message to engage and nurture the leads.

Email Segmentation & Analytics

We segment the target audience according to their interests, funnel stage, and other parameters and send personalized emails to provide a one-to-one experience to the reader. We also do analysis after the email campaign to gauge its effectiveness.