Growth marketing is a scientific way of doing marketing. If inbound marketing helps in attracting leads to your website and converting them, growth marketing helps you retain them to achieve sustainable growth.

Why Is It Important?

Unlike traditional marketing, where you spend money without knowing the exact ROI; growth marketing helps you to market your product and build a customer base quickly with almost zero investment. The best part is, you see a quick ROI in terms of customer acquisition and increase revenue. It also gives you an early insight into the drawback of your product, which helps you iterate the product faster.

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How can we help you?

Unlike other forms of marketing, growth marketing requires a dedicated team of growth experts who understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your product and use proven methods to create awareness about it. We, at FunnelHub, have a team of growth experts who analyze the key elements of your product that can resonate with your target user and use various forms of marketing such as third-party website, SEO, and  e-mail marketing to create awareness. We continuously help you test your product throughout the customer journey so you can fix the shortcomings, enhance the customer experience, engage the customer through your journey, and convert them into a repeat customer. Our growth-intensive process includes:

Plan & Optimize a Growth Strategy

We create the buyer persona of your target audience to determine a strategy to attract their attention, and map a customer journey, which would include planning the content and promotional channel and selecting the right marketing tools to generate, nurture, and convert the leads into customers.

Test & Prepare an Analytical Growth Roadmap

None of our strategies are random experiments. We constantly implement new marketing strategies to accelerate the conversion rate. We also prepare a concise, and customized growth roadmap based on our observations and inferences drawn from our multi-pronged strategies, which can be used to convert your leads into customers.

Growth Marketing Services

   Lead Generation Strategy

FunnelHub delivers multi-touch and multi-channel strategy, our results-oriented lead generation strategy will drive you to produce qualified sales leads, reach your target audience and boost conversion rates with sales prospecting.

   Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is the substance of all of your marketing.  It is very important to understand your buyers for making some informed marketing and sales strategies. Without a robust, studied persona, you are marketing in the dark, wasting money, time and resources at the wrong people.

   Product Launch

Nevertheless of its advanced features, it is not easy for a new product to generate revenue right away for the company. It is said that a product launch is one of the most important steps for any brand to succeed. You might want to assign the job of marketing your new product in the hands of an expert product launch consultant.

   Channel Strategy

Channel strategy is selling products or services via a network of suppliers or resellers, it is a very efficient sales model, specifically in the B2B space. Channel marketing is never an easy task because unlike direct marketing, the channel marketing need to be addressed to both channel associates and end users.

   Automation Strategy

A refined marketing automation procedure can do all of the things that a human managing sales process does. It can qualify leads. It can answer back to the leads suitably based on context. It can nurture the leads and define when it’s right to make a sales outreach. Learn More.

   Content Strategy

We focus in understanding the queries that drive your prospects to Google for help with the issues you solve. We study your value proposition, in the eyes of your customers. We know content strategy. Best of all, we assist your prospects turn into leads.

   Pricing Strategy

Price is the value that is put to any service or product and is the outcome of a difficult set of calculations, exploration, understanding and risk taking capability. A pricing strategy yields into the product account segments, competitor actions, market conditions, ability to pay, input costs and trade margins surrounded by others.