Integration Services

Tool Deployment & Integration Services


As martech consultants, we have experience working with platforms like Hubspot, Agile CRM, Lead squared, Oracle Marketing Cloud, etc.…Based on the business goals, we help you choose the right tool and assist you with the deployment of the same and integrating with the present marketing automation system or any standalone system. In simple terms we help streamline marketing performance data, be it in the form of Email, Web, Social Media, CRM, etc.. under one roof & make sure every metric is visible & measurable.


CRM & LMS Integration


Gone are those days when sales and marketing teams worked in silos to achieve organisational goals. Today, both the teams work in collaboration in lead conversion. We take the partnership a step ahead by integrating marketing automation system with your company’s CRM or email marketing platforms (using respective API’s,  plugins, etc.. ) to help sales and marketing teams to work together in lead conversion.


Social Media Integration


Social media is one of the powerful mediums to generate leads. Hence, it is essential to engage with them and nurture them for conversion. With so many social media platforms at your disposal, it can get challenging to keep track of all the leads. That’s where we integrate social media accounts with marketing automation systems to ensure that you get a consolidated overview of your subscribers, followers, and customers, so you can nurture them through every stage of the marketing funnel.

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