Lead Management

In this stage, we understand your business goals, strategize a customized marketing workflow based on the business goals, and select the right automation tools to implement it. We help you with:

   Lead Scoring


Leads are important , but not all leads are a priority. This is where our lead scoring technique comes to rescue. With the lead scoring method, we identify & score. For instance, leads gather positive scoring based on the factors like demographics, engagement metrics (page views, email open and clicks, visits, social mentions, etc…) similarly a negative scoring for leads could be attributed to low budget or non-company email address, fake Email ID’s.

   Lead Segmentation


Based on the lead score, leads could be segmented as sales qualified leads(SQL), marketing qualified leads(MQL) or hot, warm or cold leads, long nurturing leads etc. A marketing automation workflow can then be deployed with the help of relevant content and campaigns for nurturing the leads into prospects and then into an opportunity.

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   Lead Nurturing


Converting a lead into a customer requires continuous nurturing. On the basis of lead segmentation relevant content, based on buyer persona to be shared through drip email campaigns and move them to different lead lifecycle stages using the assigned workflow.