Why Is It Important?

Unlike SEO which focuses on driving organic traffic to the website, PPC is a paid form of internet advertising that increases the traffic on your website. While Google Adwords is the popular PPC strategy, paid media such as banners, videos, search ads, display ads & Paid social ads in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. are equally useful in driving traffic to your website.

How can we help you?

We follow a systematic process of analyzing your business and industry trends, finding the right keywords that could bring traffic to your website, and setting up PPC campaigns to optimize conversions. Some of our services under PPC include:

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Google Adwords

We plan and place Google Adwords that are relevant to your website to drive traffic. We also measure the outcome with regards to how many leads clicked on the paid ad to land on your website, and to determine how many of those leads are convertible in nature.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO is a long-term exercise that will take months or even a year to show results. If you want immediate results, then we recommend SEM. We use SEM to increase your visibility. So, if a person types a query related to your business, we ensure that your website is prominently placed in the search engine result page.

Display & Retargeting Ads

You no longer have to worry about prospects who have visited the website and left without engaging with it. With creatively worded and attractively designed copies, we will help you capture their attention.