Web Design & Development

A website is like an address of your business online. It adds credibility to your business and gives your prospects an overview of your offerings. If your marketing objective is to generate leads and convert them into customers, then a website should be one of the first things to strike off your to-do list. At FunnelHub, we understand the importance of a website and thus help in designing and developing websites that represent the ethos of your organization in the best way.

Website Designing

According to Hubspot, 55% of website visitors do not stay on a website for more than 15 seconds. This essentially means that you have just 15 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitor. There are many that go into making a website that can hold the customer’s attention. These include – good content, good user interface (UI) and good user experience (UX). That is why we at FunnelHub lay emphasis on designing websites that provide a good experience to the user.

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Customized Website Design

Every organization has a different expectation from their website. Some want the website just to provide information, while some would want it to be interactive and engage the visitor. Our team understands your objective and designs the website in a way that it speaks volume about your business.

Responsive Website Design

In 2016, Google announced that it would consider the mobile version of a website as the primary version for search rankings. This means that your website has to be optimized for mobile phones. Everything from the font size, loading time, image size, and navigation has to be mobile-friendly. This is called responsive website design. As users prefer shopping or scrolling websites on-the-go, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website design. Our team helps in designing responsive websites that open properly irrespective of the mobile, PC, or tablet screen size.

Web Development

A website is a combination of website design and website development. Web design is the frontend that the user sees when they open a website, while web development is the backend which deals with the functionality of the website. Without backend development, it is difficult for a website to function.

How can we help you?

Developing the backend of a website requires the knowledge of coding. Our team of expert developers help in creating customised and secure websites according to your needs. Some of the web technologies we use to develop your website are:

CMS Based Web Development

We develop websites using content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, etc… with rich content media. Our team analyses your needs and accordingly decide on the platform to build the website. From code development, project management, and quality.